Aoife Glass Profile Antur StiniogI’m Aoife, a writer, editor and presenter who specialises in cycling and science communication.

I’m currently Women’s Cycling Editor on, where I’m developing its women’s cycling content strategy, including organising and delivering the new Women’s Bike of the Year Awards as well as commissioning content and writing plenty of content myself. I cover a wide range of content including news, reviews, guides, advice, opinion and product launches.

Much as I love working online, it’s also nice to see your words in print, and I’ve produced content for Dirt mountain bike magazine, MBUK, What Mountain Bike, Cycling Plus and 220 Triathlon.

I’ve also helped deliver a nationwide women in science events program called Soapbox Science.

(More about my jobs and experience can be found on my CV page.)

Before this, I was the Deputy Editor of Total Women’s Cycling, which was the UK’s most popular women’s focused cycling website. I’m incredibly proud of that site, the work I’ve put into helping it grow since it’s launch in January 2013, and the team who work on it. I’ve learned a lot and met many brilliant people who are honestly passionate about encouraging more women onto two wheels.

Personally, as someone who got into cycling quite late on, and wasn’t at all sporty as a child, I’m keen to show how accessible it is. I believe that there is no ‘right way’ or ‘correct kit’ other than what you want to do, wear and get out of cycling, and I want to break down some of the cliquishness that can exist around it. I want to help provide helpful, useful information in a non-patronising way, but also tell some of the amazing stories around cycling, from the inspirational to the serious to the hilarious.

I’ve had the chance to do some pretty cool things in my job, including attempting the Megavalanche mass start mountain bike race, give track cycling a go for the first time, report on game-changing events like the Friends Life Women’s Tour, and meet and interview some of the top professional women racers.

I’ve also worked as a freelance science communicator and exhibition researcher on projects such as block-buster family science exhibition Eco Future, which ran in Abu Dhabi, and on the Jane Goodall Roots and Shoots project.

Aoife Glass Presenting Nature Live

Prior to that, I worked for over ten years at the Natural History Museum, London, which is as fascinating and curious a place as you could ever hope to visit. As a senior member of the Nature Live team, I worked to engage visitors to the Museum with the groundbreaking, relevant and downright incredible work the scientists, researchers and curators behind the scenes do. From forensic entomology to meteorites from Mars, I developed live events, prepared presentations, sourced images and videos, scripted shows, interviewed world experts and presented events in a broadcast quality studio in front of live audiences.

A particular highlight was coming up with Crime Scene Live, an after hours immersive event that gives visitors the chance to meet and work with forensic scientists, the police and legal experts to solve fictitious crimes, roaming behind the scenes in the atmospheric Waterhouse building. It won a number of awards, it’s still run regularly at the Museum, and tickets always sell out. I’m pretty proud of that one.

Aoife Glass Interviewing Rachel Atherton

I’m a bit of an adventurer at heart, and love seeking and experiencing new things. I love stories, and working out how best to tell them, whether that’s through writing articles, performance or developing innovative events.