In January 2014 I thought ‘Hey, I really need a challenge this year. Something to push me to develop my mountain biking skills, to make me work on my fitness, something to aspire to.” Although I’ve been mountain biking a few years, what with living in London, being in a long-distance relationship, and having a hectic job I was at best a weekend rider. Every time I went riding, it took me a good few hours if not days to get back into the swing of things. I wanted to improve.

So what did I do? Quite obviously I decided to take on one of the hardest downhill enduro mountain bike races in the world: the Megavalanche. A mass-start event that takes you from the snow-capped peak of the Grandes Rousses Massif in Alpe D’Huez, all the way down over rocks, wood, roots, berms, turns and drops to the town of Allemont in the valley bottom.

Oh, and had I mentioned I’d never raced before?

You can read my full write-up of how the race itself went on Total Women’s Cycling, but for now, enjoy a few of the pictures taken by me or Phil Hall of both the Mega Lady race and the Megavalanche itself.

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