In April 2014 I was invited along to the launch of the Etape Suisse, a new concept in the world of cycling events. The launch took place in the Houses of Parliament, and as well as wanting to know more about the Etape Suisse itself, I have to admit to being more than a little nosy about what Westminster was like on the inside.

On camera, delivering a vox pop at the Etape Suisse event launch. 

Etape Suisse is a weekend cycling event taking place in Davos, Switzerland. As well as the opportunity to ride some amazing mountain roads, a whole festival takes place around the riding. Talks, events, and an ‘Inspiration Forum’ with speakers from business, sport and charity, debates, live music, comedy…if you aren’t into cycling, you won’t be bored.

The big downside (at least for someone on my income bracket!) is the cost; although amazing, this isn’t a cheap experience. The basic package, which includes 3 days riding, luxury accommodation, airport transfers, gala dinner, personalised jersey and several other treats, is in the region of £1400! But for the passionate cyclist with money to spend, it does genuinely sound like it would be an amazing weekend – and also maybe the chance to network and hobnob at a high level.

As for the Houses of Parliament? Wow, what a place. It actually felt quite moving to be in the presence of so much history and the location of so many important decisions. It’s as stunning on the inside as it is on the outside; carved stone, stunning paintings, stained glass. If you ever get the chance to visit, do it! I hope someone will let me back in some day.