3/4 length cycling bib tights from Morvelo, Gore, Rapha, and dhb (left to right)
3/4 length cycling bib tights from Morvelo, Gore, Rapha, and dhb (left to right)

I’m a big fan of 3/4 length bib shorts, especially for mountain biking, as I tend to get too hot in full length tights and knee warmers just annoy me – I’ve yet to find some that don’t roll down as I ride. But they can be hard to find.

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After a bit of trawling, I’ve found 5 options to suit a range of budgets. Some of these I’ve tested myself, some I know others have tested and loved, and several I have no idea about at all. If you know of any more, or if you know how well any of the following perform, let me know in the comments section below!

1. Morvelo – They have two styles, the Bici and the Satipo. I found these really comfy when I tried them last year, but they have quite a bulky chamois! These are fleece lined for cosiness. Read my review on Total Women’s Cycling.
Price: £100 Buy them: Morvelo

2. Gore Power 3.0 Lady Bibtights 3/4’s –  These are one of the few non-fleecy lined options, which is great if you tend to get quite hot when cycling. I haven’t tried these myself, but they apparently have a ‘patented two-zip system for easy opening during bio breaks’ which I assume means they are easy to get out of if you need a wee. I’d love to know what these are like in practice so if you know, comment below!
Price: £109.99 Buy them: Gore or Evans Cycles.

3. Rapha Women’s 3/4 Bib Shorts – Again, sadly I haven’t had a chance to try these, but I know a number of women who swear by the comfort of the Rapha bib shorts, on which these are based. Fleece backed lycra provides cosy warmth, and they’ve got a little pocket on the back.
Price: £180 Buy them: Rapha

4. dhb Women’s Aeron Race 3/4 Cycling Bib Short – dhb have a not one but THREE different 3/4 bib tights in their extensive women’s cycle clothing range. The Aeron Race are, as the name suggests, designed for rain. The lycra provides support and compression, and there’s carbon fibre in the braces and in the mesh over the stomach area. This is something I’ve not encountered before, and according to dhb it will ‘regulate body temperature and reduce stress on the body’. If you are a fan of the super successful Wiggle Honda women’s cycling team, you can get these in the team colours and show your support loud and proud!
Price: £54.99 Buy them: dhb at Wiggle

5. dhb Ladies Vaeon Roubaix Padded 3/4 Bib Tights – So the other great thing about dhb is the price. They make cycling kit a lot more accessible, and if that means more riders are introduced to the joys of bib tights then hooray! The Vaeon 3/4 bib tights are made with lovely warm fleeced lined Roubaix lycra, so these are great for cold weather riding.
Price: £47.99 Buy them: dhb at Wiggle