Spring Cycling

I can’t quite believe how quickly the last 3 weeks have flown by. One minute, it’s the beginning of March, and the next thing you know it’s nearly the end. I’ve been a bad blogger and not put anything up for ages now, but on the upside it’s because I’ve been doing lots of stuff. And which is better: writing about doing stuff, or actually doing it?

So since last I posted I have:

  1. Had a birthday outing to a geothermal spring, followed by afternoon tea.
  2. Popped up to Parliament to watch a debate on Science and the General Election.
  3. Headed over to the Scientists Meet the Media soiree, organised by The Royal Society and the Science Museum.
  4. Gone for a ride with some of the MuleBar Girls cycling team, tasted some new MuleBar goodies, and had a lactate threshold test.
  5. Watched the partial solar eclipse (safely).
  6. Ridden my bike.

More on all of the above via the links (when I add them!), if you’re keen to know what some of these things entailed. Or you can ask in the comments.

Life in the South West is going pretty good. Spring has well and truly sprung and it’s hard to be anything other than positive when the days are getting longer, the flowers are beginning to bloom.

I’ve not been riding my road bike as much as I’d like, or in fact as much as I should be given that I have a number of big events this year. Eep! I need to start doing climbing drills because, lovely though it is flying round the Somerset Levels, they are by definition rather flat and recent events have brought to light that my once fairly powerful pins have lost a little of their oomph. So add that to the ‘must do more’ list.

I’d massively overdone the work in February, and it was quite a stressful month for various reasons. I’d like to take some good from that though. I know I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and really want to do the best I can whatever I’m doing. Sometimes, however, I get too into it and forget one of the fundamental ‘B’s’ of project management; ‘Boundaries’. I sometimes let one project bleed into time I need for other areas of my life such as, say, a personal life and that’s just not good for the body, soul or mind. So the second thing on my spring refocus list is remember the three ‘B’s’.

In case you are wondering what the other two are, they’re ‘Batching’ which is clustering similar tasks all together, and ‘Buffers’ which is allowing buffer time in case tasks run over. There’s a great article on it on the Women Unlimited website.

So yes, I’ve been busy. And yes, I’ve let a few things slip. But hey, that’s just part of normal life! That’s why it’s important to pause, breathe, take stock and look at what’s going on so you can work out what you need to work on.

The French have a great saying for this: ‘Reculer pour mieux sauter’ which means to take a step back so you can jump forward. Sometimes you need to regroup to get yourself in a stronger position to go on.


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