I have a few pieces in MBUK for September, on either end of the seriousness spectrum.

On the one side, a slightly tongue-in-cheek comment on what not to say to women if you don’t want to seriously put them off riding with you, based on feedback from women who’ve attended the Hope Tech Women’s regular ride events.

Those rides are awesome by the way, and I love the fact that Hope Tech have put time, effort and resource into encouraging more women to get riding, actually taking action themselves – check out the Hope Tech Women website.

At the other end of the spectrum is a piece on head injuries and mountain biking. Concussion and brain injury is a topic I’m very interested in for a number of reasons, and I’m glad MBUK were open to having a piece in the magazine. If you’re interested in finding out more on the subject, there are a few thought provoking articles listed below, and I was also helped by Headway, a UK-based brain injury charity.