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New Years Resolutions – bring on 2015!

Woman mountain biking in winter in Cwmcarn in Wales
Winter mountain biking in Cwmcarn, Wales. I’ll be doing LOTS more of this in 2015.

I always like to do New Years Resolutions. I know a lot of people don’t think they are a good idea, and I can understand why. Giving yourself hard targets that you can beat yourself up over if you don’t make doesn’t really sound like a great idea. I guess I view them in a more general sense. My resolutions are a combination of things I wish I’d done a bit more of over the year, because I know they help me be me, and a better me (like yoga and reading books) and also activities and adventures I’d like to have. I don’t expect to do all of them, but listing them helps me focus on where I’d like to go and what I’d like to do in the year ahead.

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Recent Articles – From Pro Women’s Cycling to Pedals Via The Megavalanche.

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I really enjoy the variety of styles and subjects I get to write about for Total Women’s Cycling, and this selection of some of my recent posts are a great example of the breadth of content I (and the site!) cover. Whether you like road cycling or mountain biking, inspirational stories or topical issues, or want advice on gear and bikes, there’s something for you there.

5 Issues in Professional Women’s Cycling More Important Than THAT Kit

Seen THAT Colombian women’s cycling team kit? You might have laughed. You might have been shocked. You probably shared it. But there are much bigger, more important issues facing professional women’s cycling. Want to change things? Share THIS instead.

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I’m interested in freelance writing, journalism and reviewing, consultancy on women’s cycling, editorial advisor and as a science communicator or as a presenter, so please feel free to drop me a line if there is anything I can help you with.

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Aoife Glass – Curriculum Vitae

Experienced freelance writer, editor, content and program developer specialising in cycling and science. Previously Deputy Editor of the highly successful Total Women’s Cycling website, and project manager on the Total Women’s Cycling Awards 2015. Extensive experience within the heritage sector, working at the Natural History Museum, London, as a presenter, event developer and science communicator as part of the Nature Live science communication team. Generates engaging content, innovative and award-winning events for a wide range of audiences, and cultivates lasting relationships and partnerships with internal stakeholders, external organisations and industry representatives.

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On Film at the Etape Suisse Road Cycling Event Launch

In April 2014 I was invited along to the launch of the Etape Suisse, a new concept in the world of cycling events. The launch took place in the Houses of Parliament, and as well as wanting to know more about the Etape Suisse itself, I have to admit to being more than a little nosy about what Westminster was like on the inside.

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About Me

Aoife Glass Profile Antur StiniogI’m Aoife, a writer, editor and presenter who specialises in cycling and science communication.

I’m currently Women’s Cycling Editor on, where I’m developing its women’s cycling content strategy, including organising and delivering the new Women’s Bike of the Year Awards as well as commissioning content and writing plenty of content myself. I cover a wide range of content including news, reviews, guides, advice, opinion and product launches.

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A Work in Progress

Having worked on Total Women’s Cycling for over a year and half, helping it grow both in terms of visitors and content, I thought it was way past time to pop my thoughts, deeds, plans and musings together somewhere for myself. I also thought it would be a good place to aggregate the work I’ve done over the years, not just for Total Women’s Cycling, but also for Science & Media Exhibitions Ltd, and of course The Natural History Museum. So the plan here is to create a site that reflects what I’ve done so far, my thoughts and opinions on various things from the present, and my plans for the future. Oh, and I have some pretty cool photos to add too. Here goes!

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