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MBUK articles September 2016

I have a few pieces in MBUK for September, on either end of the seriousness spectrum.

On the one side, a slightly tongue-in-cheek comment on what not to say to women if you don’t want to seriously put them off riding with you, based on feedback from women who’ve attended the Hope Tech Women’s regular ride events. Continue reading “MBUK articles September 2016”

Mountain biking in Ireland

If you were to base your view of Ireland based on the tourist board adverts you see, you’d come to the conclusion that it was a country filled with calm fish-filled streams, laughing redheads, old fellows with flat caps and wrinkled faces drinking Guinness, and stone-walled pubs with colourful front doors and names painted in fancy script.

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La Course with Specialized

One part of my job that I absolutely love, and that I know I’m lucky I get to experience, is the chance to attend amazing events. This summer, I was invited to attend La Course in Paris with bicycle company Specialized along with a group of other female journalists.

La Course is a significant event in the world of women’s road cycling. The one day event, which takes place on the iconic Champs Elysées on the same day as the finale stage of the Tour de France, came about by the dedicated campaigning of a group of female cyclists.

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Cyclists Make Good Phenologists

Daffodils and mountain bikes

The sun is shining, the hawthorn is in blossom, green leaves are budding in trees left right and centre and the woodland floor is carpeted with wild garlic flowers, wood anemone and bluebells. Spring is most definitely here.

And the reason I notice it is because I am out in it, regularly and often, on my bike.

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Learning from the Experts: What I’ve Learned from Coaching

I don't have a picture of a course - sorry! It's probably because I was busy being on them ;) Here's a picture of riding in La Thuile instead.
I don’t have a picture of a course – sorry! It’s probably because I was busy being on them 😉 Here’s a picture of riding in La Thuile instead.

I’ve had a lot of coaching sessions over the years as I’ve learned to ride. I’m not someone for whom mountain biking came particularly naturally. I’m cautious, nervous about injuring myself, and find it hard to push myself too far out of my comfort zone.

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Peebles: Mountain Biking Heaven in Scotland

The view from the top of the XC loop at Innerleithen. There's a whole lotta climbing but the view and the descent are totally worth it!
The view from the top of the XC loop at Innerleithen. There’s a whole lotta climbing but the view and the descent are totally worth it!

Easter weekend. Four blissful days off, and the perfect time to head off for a mountain biking adventure. And of course eat a whole lot of chocolate!

Bank holiday weekends are also always a gamble; it’s probably going to rain in the UK at some point over the weekend everywhere, so can you get a lucky break and find a part of the UK with less rain than the rest? Some careful consideration of the long range weather forecast later, and we decided to head to Peebles.

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Image Gallery: Flare Clothing Co. Cloudburst Jacket Review

Flare Clothing Cloudburst Jacket 2

Over the last few weeks I’ve been testing the new Cloudburst Women’s Cycling Jacket by Flare for Total Women’s Cycling. Do I like it? In short – YES! The cut and fit is among the best I’ve encountered when it comes to cycling jackets for women, and I it manages to look different and distinctive without looking too lairy. I’ve been happily wearing it about town walking and cycling as well as on the trail.

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BikeBiz release Women of the Year 2015 list

BikeBiz Women of the Year 2015

Way back in November 2014, I spotted a tweet from BikeBiz, the UK cycling industry publication. They were planning on putting together a list of the most influential women in cycling, and were asking for nominations.

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Women’s Cycling Goodies at The London Bike Show

VeloVixen Stand at the London Bike Show - packed full of women's cycling goodies! And a very excited Kirsty :)

I popped along to The London Bike Show on Thursday (opening day) to scope out the goodies, meet up with my friends in the cycling world, and attend the Total Women’s Cycling Awards. I’ll pop something up on the TWC Awards later (suffice it to say it drew a huge crowd and was a roaring success) but I thought if you were wavering on the edge of popping along to the London Bike Show, you might wanna know what’s there, especially from a women’s cycling perspective.

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