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Cyclists Make Good Phenologists

Daffodils and mountain bikes

The sun is shining, the hawthorn is in blossom, green leaves are budding in trees left right and centre and the woodland floor is carpeted with wild garlic flowers, wood anemone and bluebells. Spring is most definitely here.

And the reason I notice it is because I am out in it, regularly and often, on my bike.

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I take to the stage for Science Showoff (and I’m also on the radio)

science showoff logo

A few weeks ago, at the end of January, I took part in Science Show-off. This is a fun event that’s sort of like a cross between stand up comedy and science. Basically, stand-up science. You get about 8 acts, each about 9 minutes long, covering anything and everything in science with an informal and ideally funny slant.

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