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I’m working on a brand new website, and will be migrating the content from this site over the next few weeks.

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After a LONG period of quiet while I was working as Women’s Editor at, I’ve taken some time to develop a brand new website which I’ll set live shortly. When it does, I’ll be redirecting from this site to the new one.

It’s LIVE!


Scott, Switzerland and an Olympic Champion

Blue skies, huge mountains and bikes. Three things I love, and three things that Switzerland has in bags. Switzerland is a pretty great location to test out some mountain bikes, and it’s not surprising that Scott Bicycles choose it as the location for it’s Scott Contessa mountain bike press camp.  That, and the fact that European HQ of the brand is in Switzerland.

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MBUK articles September 2016

I have a few pieces in MBUK for September, on either end of the seriousness spectrum.

On the one side, a slightly tongue-in-cheek comment on what not to say to women if you don’t want to seriously put them off riding with you, based on feedback from women who’ve attended the Hope Tech Women’s regular ride events. Continue reading “MBUK articles September 2016”

Mountain biking in Ireland

If you were to base your view of Ireland based on the tourist board adverts you see, you’d come to the conclusion that it was a country filled with calm fish-filled streams, laughing redheads, old fellows with flat caps and wrinkled faces drinking Guinness, and stone-walled pubs with colourful front doors and names painted in fancy script.

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La Course with Specialized

One part of my job that I absolutely love, and that I know I’m lucky I get to experience, is the chance to attend amazing events. This summer, I was invited to attend La Course in Paris with bicycle company Specialized along with a group of other female journalists.

La Course is a significant event in the world of women’s road cycling. The one day event, which takes place on the iconic Champs Elysées on the same day as the finale stage of the Tour de France, came about by the dedicated campaigning of a group of female cyclists.

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It seems at the moment that no sooner do I get back on track with things than something comes along to derail my good intentions.

I’d just got on top of the whole food prep and planning thing, making packed lunches, planning lots of weekend riding, and a few commutes to work when BAM! I come down with a lurgy, my second in two weeks.

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Back after a short intermission

Well, hello there blog. It’s been a while, and a roller coaster of a year.
There’ve been a lot of highs; the Soapbox Science events I was involved in went exceedingly well, I was recruited by Immediate Media to develop BikeRadar Women, one of my best friends got married, I’ve had a few little pieces published in MBUK magazine, I attended the Juliana product launch in Downieville, California – one of the most amazing trips I’ve ever been on…yeah, pretty good.

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Cyclists Make Good Phenologists

Daffodils and mountain bikes

The sun is shining, the hawthorn is in blossom, green leaves are budding in trees left right and centre and the woodland floor is carpeted with wild garlic flowers, wood anemone and bluebells. Spring is most definitely here.

And the reason I notice it is because I am out in it, regularly and often, on my bike.

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